Teaching and Support Staff

Contact Perins Staff by email

Below is a list of each member of staff at Perins, what they do, and their e-mail address so you can contact them directly if you have any queries.  Staff will try to respond to your messages as quickly as possible.

We ask parents to understand that teachers cannot always respond during the school day due to their classroom commitments.  Some teachers do respond to e-mails in the evenings or at weekends as part of their preparation for school but as you might expect, they do this from goodwill and of their own choice as to how they manage their workload.

As a guideline, staff will aim to respond to all e-mails within a period of three working days during term time.

Laptop Scheme

For enquiries about the Perins Laptop Scheme and to raise any technical issues, please email the IT Services Team.

If you have any problems identifying the correct member of staff or contacting them, please email Mr Phil Segal and your message will be forwarded to the relevant person.

Name Tutor Group Position Teaching Subject(s)
Mrs R Abbott PA to Headteacher/Administration Manager
Mr L Adams 7V1 Teacher Science
Mrs D Ahluwalia 9I1 Teacher Science, Transform
Mr J Ahmed 8V2 Teacher Computing
Miss S Alderton 9V1 Teacher English
Miss M Alexiou Director of Creative Arts Creative Arts
Mrs D Arding 10T1 Teacher Science
Mrs M Ashford      Team Leader Music, Teacher Music
Mr M Ashford  10I2 Teacher Music
Mr R Arthur 9A2 Teacher PE, Transform
Mrs H Baker 11I1 Teacher Drama
Miss R Ball Teacher, Head of Aqua House Mathematics
Mr S Barber 8I2 Teacher English, Media
Ms N Baxter Patchwork Nursery Manager
Miss L Billington Key Stage 4 Learning & Progress Coordinator, Team Leader Art, Teacher Art
Mrs J Blake Teacher English and Art
Mr Boby  11I2 Teacher Drama, Music
Mrs N Boden 11I2 Teacher Dance, PE, Transform – currently on maternity leave.
Mrs A Burnett 8I1 Teacher English
Mr P Burridge Finance Manager
Mr F Calver Guidance Manager Y10, Y11, Teacher Personal Development Learning,
Ms R Chapman 9T2 Team Leader English English
Mrs N Clayton-Shepherd  11T2 Teacher PE
Mr T Clayton-Shepherd Teacher, Head of Ventus House PE, Sport
Mrs C Cleaver IT Services Administrator
Ms C Cobb PE Office Administrator PE
Mrs M Cook Reprographics Administrator
Mr J Cotton 10I1 Team Leader Computing, Teacher Computing, ICT
Miss A Craig Assistant Head Teacher, Team Leader Transform, Drama, Transformational Learning
Miss G Crowley   Team Leader Learning Support, SENCO Learning Support – currently on maternity leave. 
Miss J Davies Teacher Science
Mr W Davies Team Leader of Technology, School Direct Coordinator Design and Technology
Ms J Dicker School trips and Periapatetic Music Tuition Administrator Finance
Dr J Eacott 11A2 Teacher Science
Mr D Eastham 9I2 Teacher French, Spanish
Mrs S Exley 10V2 Teacher Mathematics
Mrs J Fairbairn Learning Support Manager  Learning Support
Mr M Faulkner 11I1 Teacher PE, Sport
Mr J Fuccio 9V2 Teacher Computing, PE, Transform
Mrs V Furness 7V2 Teacher Science
Mrs S Galliers   School Games Organiser On Maternity Leave
Mrs R Gee Examinations Officer
Mrs C Gillespie Teacher Science
Mrs K Gould School Office Manager
Miss J Grew 7I2 Team Leader Humanities, Teacher History
Ms A Griffin Science Technician
Miss S Griffin 8A1 Teacher Mathematics
Mr R Harper IT and Estates Manager
Mrs J E Harrison Guidance Manager – Year 7
Mrs K Harrison Clow Technology Assistant
Mrs A Hawke Personnel Assistant
Mrs T Haynes  Marketing and Events Co-ordinator
Miss S Hellier 9T1 Teacher English
Mrs L Hicks Teaching Assistant Learning Support
Miss S Hunt 11T1 Teacher Maths
Mrs L Hurley Science Technician
Mr M Jackson Teaching Assistant Learning Support
Mrs J Jacobs Library Assistant
Mr M Jewell 11V2 Teacher History
Miss L Jones Key Stage 3 Manager, Teacher PE, Transform
Mr S Jones Executive Head Teacher
Mr B Joy 11A1 Team Leader, Personal Development Learning, Teacher RE, Personal Development Learning
Mrs K Key Teacher PE
Mr A Lamprell Teacher Music
Mrs L Lewis Teaching Assistant Learning Support
Mr O Ledsham 10V2 Teacher PE, Transformational Learning
Miss K Lewis 10T2 Teacher History, Personal Development Learning
Mr W Locke 11T1 Team Leader Mathematics, Teacher Mathematics
Miss T Lunn Teacher English
Mr O Manzat 10V2 Teacher Mathematics
Mr J McGregor 10A2 Teacher Science
Dr S McHardy  8V1 Teacher MFL
Mrs T Miller 11A2 Teacher Mathematics
Mrs S Mitchell School Office Administrator
Mrs K Morris 10V1 Teacher English
Mr M Nevola Deputy Headteacher Maths, History, PE
Mrs C Newman  Student Services Assistant
Mrs J Newsum  10A1 Teacher English, Media, Transformational Learning
Mrs A Nicolaou Finance Officer
Miss L Noon 7I2 Teacher Maths
Mrs G Okami Curriculum Support Assistant Modern Foreign Languages
Mr A Ortiz  7A1 Teacher Science
Mr A Papanicolaou Assistant Headteacher Modern Foreign Languages, French, Spanish
Mrs M Pearce Assistant Headteacher Science
Mr B Powell Cover Supervisor
Mrs T Pullinger School Office Administrator
Mr C Rait  10T2 Team Leader of Science Science
Mrs H Rhynes Data Assistant
Mrs H Riches Personnel Officer
Mr B Rice 7T2 Teacher History
Mrs A Robson School Office Administrator
Mr T Russell IT & Network Technician
Miss M Sautier Teacher, Head of Ignis House French
Mrs B Savage-Black  11T2 Teacher Design and Technology
Mr A Sawdy 11V1 Teacher Geography
Mr P Segal  Data & Communications Manager
Miss K Skelton 7A2 Team Leader, Geography, Teacher Geography
Mrs S Smith Finance Officer
Miss K Smith 7T1 Teacher English
Ms F Spreadbury 8V1 Teacher RE, Personal Development Learning
Mr G Stanistreet IT & E-Learning Technician
Mrs F Stone Guidance Manager Year 8, Year 9
Mrs L Stone School Office Administrator
Mr C Surry School Business Manager
Mrs S Tassier Teaching Assistant  Learning Support
Miss L Thomas Teacher Personal Development Learning, Support Studies
Ms M Thompson Senior Finance Officer
Mr R Thompson 9A1 Teacher English
Miss A Tindall 7I1 Teacher, Team Leader Modern Foreign Languages Modern Foreign Languages, French, Spanish
Miss R Tourino 8I1 Teacher PE, Dance
Miss K Upshall 8A2 Teacher Maths
Mrs N Wadey Teacher, Head of Terra House Mathematics
Mr M Wandless 8T2 Teacher Design and Technology
Mr J Waters 11V1 Teacher Geography
Mr A Western Assistant Headteacher, Teacher Mathematics
Mr R Whybro Director of Sport, Team Leader PE, Teacher PE
Mrs J White 11A1 Teacher English
Mrs J Williams 9T1 Teacher History
Mrs S Wright 9A2 Teacher Art
Mrs B Yates 9T2 Teacher English, Media