From the Head Boy & Head Girl

Head Girl Nadia 



Head Boy Toby Woods

My name is Toby Woods and I am Head Boy of Perins School. I am a local boy, Hampshire born and bred, and I moved up to Perins from Sun Hill Junior School.  When I moved up to Perins, I was amazed by all the opportunities available to me and this is still what I think is best about the school today.  The subjects I enjoy most are History and English as I have a particular interest in them and the teaching is fun and informal yet informative.  I have taken advantage of the sporting clubs; representing Perins in football, cross country and athletics as well as helping others as a Sports Leader. I like a challenge and have competed for Hampshire in cross country with the support of the staff and my peers.  Socially Perins is a really positive place to be and I enjoyed making lots of friends.  As well as sport I play the trumpet for which I can go to a range of bands and orchestras.  As a part of the academic, sporting and creative side of Perins, I have experience of the vibrancy of Perins as a whole and am proud to be Head Boy of the School.