From the Head Boy & Head Girl

Head Girl Nadiya Khair 

I am delighted to introduce myself as the new Head Girl at Perins. As someone who felt particularly shy when starting Perins, I believe that Perins has offered me a variety of experiences, which inevitably shaped me to be the conscientious student I am today. I feel as though Perins as a whole creates an inviting atmosphere for students to thrive in. Because of this, I have been able to visit places such as Oxford University and go to conferences in London; this has allowed me to meet and converse with a wide range of people including politicians and people from the wider community.  I thoroughly enjoy subjects like Religious studies and History, and as I have developed through Perins my skills in these subjects have also been refined.  I have been able to take on many roles in Perins before becoming Head Girl, allowing me to develop in maturity confidence. Perins offers many clubs for students and I have been part of the Girl’s football team since Year 7. Sports teams allow students at Perins to create new relationships outside of lessons and improve their ability to work as a team. Overall, I am able to say I have acquired the tools needed to succeed in later life and I feel proud to have attended Perins.

Head Boy Toby Woods

My name is Toby Woods and I am Head Boy of Perins School. I am a local boy, Hampshire born and bred, and I moved up to Perins from Sun Hill Junior School.  When I moved up to Perins, I was amazed by all the opportunities available to me and this is still what I think is best about the school today.  The subjects I enjoy most are History and English as I have a particular interest in them and the teaching is fun and informal yet informative.  I have taken advantage of the sporting clubs; representing Perins in football, cross country and athletics as well as helping others as a Sports Leader. I like a challenge and have competed for Hampshire in cross country with the support of the staff and my peers.  Socially Perins is a really positive place to be and I enjoyed making lots of friends.  As well as sport I play the trumpet for which I can go to a range of bands and orchestras.  As a part of the academic, sporting and creative side of Perins, I have experience of the vibrancy of Perins as a whole and am proud to be Head Boy of the School.