From the Head Boy & Head Girl

Head Girl Corrina Cazalet

DSC_9406I came to Perins from a small rural school, with a year group of under twenty. At the time, I found it impossible to imagine myself in a school like Perins, but now, as a year eleven, I find it impossible to imagine myself anywhere else. Throughout the years, I’ve spent my fair share of time walking the grounds of Perins, and yet, at almost every corner, there is a memory I can look back on and smile at. Saying this, some of my most cherished memories, lie abroad in the ski slopes of Tonale or the battlefields of Belgium, experiences I know I would not have lived otherwise.

I’ve really enjoyed not only the social experiences that Perins has had to offer, but also the extensive educational opportunities I’ve also had access to. I’ve always found that my teachers go out of their way to try and share their enthusiasm and passion for their subject, which I feel makes my learning experience far more enjoyable. During my time here, I’ve really acquired a passion for the humanities subjects, which I plan to pursue in the future. This has been vastly fuelled by continual encouragement and support, helping me to develop skills I will use in later life.

Preparation for the future is very important at Perins and at age eleven, I had no idea how much I would have grown as a person in character throughout the past five years. Having grown in maturity, independence and ambition, I will graciously account this to my time here.

Head Boy Darnesh Dadgostar

DSC_9408My time as a Perins student has led to the development of my character, ingenuity and confidence. Perins has become the foundation in which I will lay my future upon, and I am therefore thankful for the wonderful experiences I have had here as a student.

Perins has allowed me to grow as a person. From where I began as a year 7 to my last year here as a year 11, I have enjoyed myself thoroughly, growing as a character with the aid of the teachers and pupils around me. The teaching staff have always been extremely supportive and considerate, rightly prioritising their students as the most significant aspect of their professions.

The sporting environment at Perins is fantastic, offering a range of extracurricular sports to participate in. Rugby, football and athletics clubs are all sports which I have myself become involved in throughout my time at Perins, and I am grateful for how well it has been able to accommodate my sporting life.

Furthermore, Perins offers a sports tour to South Africa every two years for selected students. Having been on this trip myself, I remember it fondly as one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Leaving secondary school develops mixed thoughts and feelings. Leaving a school like Perins on the other hand, makes the thought far more difficult to process.