Laptop Scheme Information

Perins School is very proud of its pioneering laptop scheme which has become the envy of many secondary schools. Children starting in Year 7 are given the opportunity to use a laptop for their time at Perins for use in school and at home.

Benefits of E-learning

  • The use of computers in schools is known to promote independent learning which the students find empowering. At Perins, this has been reflected in their excellent exam results.
  • Technology can be powerful to improve learning, particularly when there is regular and frequent use in all subject areas, as opposed to once a week in an IT suite.
  • A wide variety of e-Learning opportunities are used to supplement normal teaching strategies rather than a replacing them.

What our students say:

“I think the laptop scheme is really good because you can research information and there  are lots of educational learning tools ( memrise etc ). Also you can do PowerPoints and presentations which help you to learn about presentation skills. I think this is really good because it gives you several ways to present you work. Lots of people don’t have laptops at home so it teaches home how to use one.” Charlotte Henry, Year 7

“The unlimited use of a laptop offers an unrivaled level of information access compared to non-laptop schools.” Joseph Dixon, Year 9

Joining the Laptop Scheme

Students joining Perins in Year 7 will receive full information about the scheme as part of their induction programme. Students joining in other year groups will be invited to join an scheme appropriate to their year group.

How the scheme works

In return for a monthly donation to the laptop scheme we will provide a device, that can be used at school and at home, a protective case, warranty, insurance, software and full on-site support while your child is a student at Perins School.

To join the scheme or for further information and technical enquiries please contact or telephone 01962 734361.

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