Careers Advice

Supporting students after Perins

Perins School takes an active role in supporting students in their career choices and preparing them for the workforce. Careers advice is given throughout their time at Perins, delivered as part of their Personal Development Learning (PDL) lessons. We support them in making the right course choices for their future careers and ensure that all students have a ‘moving on’ plan when they leave the school.

In Year 8 we offer students a career interview to help them in selecting which GCSE courses are best for them. Then in Year 11 the PDL team works with each student to help them write a CV and personal statement before taking part in compulsory, mock one-to-one interviews. The mock interviews are conducted by local business men and women when they will also give students a critique of their CV.

Students  also have access to independent careers advice to assist them in making the transition from school to college or apprenticeships.  Our independent  careers advisor, Mrs Olwen Parkinson is normally in school on a Thursday and all Year 11 students are invited to have an appointment with her.

Any student who would like an appointment with her can request one through Student Services or their tutor.  After Easter, the focus for individual interviews will shift to Year 10 students.  Students have a half hour interview followed up with a typed Action Plan which that are encouraged to share with their parents or carers.

Perins also organises an annual Careers Fair for both Year 11 students and their parents to attend.  This is an opportunity for students to meet with teams from the local Sixth Form colleges, apprenticeship scheme operators and local businesses.

Perins School subscribes to the carers support website where students can log-in and research training courses, careers and advice at any time.