KP Cup

On Saturday 2nd December Perins took part int 7th KP (Kings v Perins) Cup which proved to be an exciting affair. With the schools tied on 3 titles each after the past 6 events, KP Cup 7 was a chance for one school to pull clear. Over the course of the morning momentum shifted from school to school. Kings edged ahead in round one winning three of the 5 matches. Perins victories were secured by the Y7 Boys A Team, who completed an outstanding autumn term of Saturday rugby undefeated, and the senior girls team.

In round two the Year 8 girls won in spectacular style and a draw for the Y8 boys meant that the destination of the cup hinged on the final match being the Y11 boys. The Perins team, which conceded 70+ points to Kings in year 7, provided a perfect example of what hard work and resilience can deliver, edging a tense game 20:7. This combination of results mean that the schools were drawn on 4 wins each meaning that KP Cup 7 was shared and that victories remain even 7 years in.  Huge congratulations to all teams and the PE Department for their outstanding dedication and hard work to making this such a memorable event.