Maths Classes

Since the beginning of the school year, we have been struggling to find a final member of staff to complete the team of permanent specialist Maths teachers. National shortages caused partly by the impact of COVID mean that we still have an unfilled vacancy.

To ensure students in all classes receive the best possible learning experience in their Maths lessons, we have rearranged our timetable to minimise the impact of the vacancy.  Our aim in this has been to ensure that the majority of lessons for each class are taken by our Perins Maths specialists with a small proportion of lessons being delivered by external supply teaching. Where that is the case we will design sessions to allow students to use their retrieval practice skills, by recapping and reflecting upon work that has been covered throughout the rest of their lessons.  

Thank you for your support and understanding during these challenging times.  Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to maintain the quality of learning and teaching.