Free Dress Day – Friday

On Friday 10th December Ignis House students will be fundraising for their chosen charity, Wessex Cancer Trust.

It will be a free dress day for all students; they may wear their own clothes and will be asked to donate a minimum of £1 to charity. Free dress should be appropriate for a school environment and not revealing, with sensible clothing and footwear, and crop tops, short skirts and high shorts can’t be worn.

Whilst it is a free dress day, our health and safety rules for school remain the same. Students should wear enclosed shoes and need to adhere to the jewellery requirements (only one stud in each ear lobe) and no acrylic nails.

There will be fundraising stalls and events at break and lunchtime organised by students in Ignis House, so your child may wish to bring some additional change to get involved in these activities.

Students will need to bring equipment for the day’s learning, including their pencil case and charged laptop. Lastly, a reminder to take bus passes, timetables, locker keys and PIP Cards out of blazer pockets to bring on the day!