Make the Most of the Online World this Christmas

It’s an inconvenient truth of modern life that it can often be problematic persuading younger family members to put away their phone or switch off their games console in favour of some shared activity. Adults can feel this especially acutely at Christmas: ostensibly a time of togetherness but all too often a losing battle against the likes of Call of Duty, TikTok or YouTube.

Christmas is a time of miracles, however. There are ways to incorporate children’s beloved devices into the festivities, so grown-ups still get to enjoy some quality family moments and young ones don’t start to feel short-changed in terms of screen time. This week’s #WakeUpWednesday guide has our collection of top tips for making the most of the online world this Christmas.

From streaming classic family movies to video calling friends and relations, and from some good-natured competition (or cooperation) on video games to collaborating on your ultimate Christmas playlist, there are plenty of ways that your child’s devices can provide an embellishment – as opposed to a distraction – this festive season

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