Online Safety for Under 5s: 10 Top Tips for Parents and Carers

While not directly relevant to our students, many have younger siblings and cousins.

For today’s pre-schoolers, digital devices are as much a part of their everyday entertainment as Lego and colouring books were for previous generations. With many parents and carers having justified concerns, however, over problems like exposure to inappropriate content and picking up unhealthy screen-time habits, online activities can be tricky to introduce.

Our online safety guide has advice for parents and carers of younger children who are just starting to discover the excitement of exploring, playing and learning in the digital world. From general safety and security tips to suggestions on how to manage little ones’ screen time without any tears, you’re sure to find some useful – and realistic – guidance here.

Young children are becoming more comfortable with internet-enabled devices at an increasingly early age. The latest figures from Ofcom, for example, indicate that a remarkable 89% of 3 to 4-year-olds in the UK are using video-sharing platforms such as YouTube – while 50% of in that age bracket who go online already use messaging sites or apps. While little ones’ ability and confidence around technology is something to be encouraged, giving them access to internet-enabled devices of course presents its own significant worries. The online world, after all, isn’t always a safe and friendly place. The NOS #WakeUpWednesday guide has some suggestions for helping the under-5s to understand the basics of online safety.