Spot the Online Safety Tips for Going Back to School

Summer 2022. Lionesses. Heatwaves. Commonwealth Games. Lightyear. She-Hulk. Then we blinked, and suddenly it was “new term” this and “back to school” that. Here’s the good news, though – another school year means months of fresh online trends to jump on, different things to message about, and cool new games to play – for the kids anyway!

But six weeks off means it’s easy to become complacent, forgetful or even ignorant towards using the internet safely – which, as we all know, can be a mistake. That’s why we’ve posted this guide to jolt a few memories and make-sure children begin the new term as they mean to go on!

Getting back into the swing of things after the summer isn’t always the easiest process and, unfortunately, whilst many of us might have been making the most of the sunshine, online risks don’t do holidays. That’s why we’ve created this guide so you can share it with parents, stick it up in corridors and reference it during lessons to help remind kids about being positive, safe and responsible digital citizens online. Click on the guide for more info!