From the Head Girl & Head Boy

Head Girl Abigail Moss

There is no better way to describe Perins than as a haven of opportunities. As someone who came from a tiny school with a year group of thirteen people, I was not at all confident about moving to secondary school. It quickly became clear that I had no reason to worry as I instantly found a supportive and strong base in my tutor group, sport clubs and the creative arts as well as the friendly and welcoming atmosphere across the school.

Perins is incredibly diligent in delivering an extensive list of extra-curricular activities from sport to STEM clubs, which are all generously run by teachers who give up their time to passionately inspire their students.

Being able to join the school netball team gave me a real sense of belonging and allowed me to grow in confidence in victories and forge friendships in losses. As well as sport, I have also been involved in the theatrical side of things through the school productions. It is no great secret that the production levels of these performances are far higher than any secondary school is expected to provide but this stops no one, as students are able to perform professional levels of theatre.

The emphasis and effort poured into the non-academic parts of the school is what gives Perins its high standards, as everyone is encouraged to fulfil their potential in every way.

Alongside the curriculum there are numerous trips available, many of which I have been lucky enough to go on (the South Africa Sports tour, the History trips to Belgium and Poland, year group trips to Paris and Calshot and many more). These allow one to become more in touch with their subjects as you can have a tangible experience outside of the classroom. This is once again as a result of the generosity of the teachers as they inject passion into the curriculum.

The school not only delivers results but an enriching and rounded education that prepares you for the next stages of life.

Head Boy Max Anderson

Over the years, Perins has shaped the very person I am today and taught me to constantly exhibit the vital Perins values both in and out of school life; values which the school strive to make the core of our being.

One of my personal favourite things about Perins is that they treat us as young adults and let us express who we are as well as supporting us in times of need. I believe that it is this balance of independence and support, which enables Perins students to enjoy and excel in school life.

Perins ensure that all years are nurtured and supported throughout their time here. This begins in years 7 and 8, when students are exploring and discovering passions, and continues in years 9, 10 and 11 as students refine and extend the learning of their chosen subjects with fellow classmates.

However, it is not only in classes which Perins pupils share interests and passions. As you may already know, Perins pride themselves on offering a vast and varied list of non-academic clubs and opportunities that appeal to all students. Personally, I have always been very invested in sport and when I arrived at Perins and was presented with all these new and exciting sports that I was completely unaware of prior to year 7, I was delighted and grateful for the opportunities presented. This was because I found not only passions and new experiences but also fellow students who I could share these experiences with and forge friendships as we failed and succeeded in our endeavours.

Nevertheless, Perins School is aware that each and every one of us are unique and different. They know that sport may not be the primary appeal to a secondary school for every potential student, which is why Perins also offer a colossal variety of intricate academic clubs, enriching theatre and creative arts clubs, and countless memorable trips. As well as over a hundred additional clubs where students are guided by selfless staff members who donate their time to ensure that the potential of every single student is not only fulfilled but exceeded.

I am, without doubt, in debt to both the staff and pupils at Perins. They have laid strong foundations for me to build on, which I will categorically keep for the rest of my life. I will always be grateful for the incredible opportunities, experiences, friends made and skills gained from my time at Perins.