Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Jones

HeadteacherMr Steve Jones

Mr Jones  became the Headteacher of Perins in September 2015. Formerly the Vice Principal of Christ the King College on the Isle of Wight, Mr Jones is fully committed to the ethos of the school and is looking forward to building on the past successes and leading the school into an exciting future. Mr Jones commented ‘I am determined to work with every member of the Perins community, including students, parents, staff and governors, to ensure that every student gains the best education that we can possibly offer.’

Mr M Nevola

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Nevola is the Deputy Headteacher at Perins School, and is responsible for the day to day operational running of the school. He took up the role of Deputy Headteacher in 2007, having previously worked in five other secondary schools in two different Local Authorities. Mr Nevola gained experience working on a Local Authority advisory team which covered eighty-five secondary schools, supporting those schools that required curriculum advice, or were according, to Ofsted “Requiring Improvement”.

Following a career in industry he took a teaching qualification and worked his way through every level of responsibility to reach the senior leadership team in two Hampshire schools. He remains a Director of a Company, and whilst in senior leadership has spent time working with The Youth Sport Trust and Schools and Academies Trust, training teachers and supporting other school leadership teams.

Mr Nevola commented, “I believe in assisting all young people to realise their true potential, by immersing them in a wide variety of experiences, preparing them for lifelong learning. My mantra for young people being Aspire today; Inspire tomorrow

Mrs M Pearce 

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Pearce has a BSc in Biomedical Science and formerly worked for the Forensic Science Service before training to be a Science teacher.  Her career lead her to teach in New Zealand, before returning to her old school as a Lead Practitioner, and then onto the position of Head of Science. Mrs Pearce holds the qualification of Innovation in Education, and joined Perins in 2011 as the Team Leader of Transformational Learning.  Since then she has been promoted to Assistant Headteacher in charge of learning skills and e-learning.  She is involved in development in pedagogy of teachers through the TEEP (Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme) and planning internal Professional Development as needs arise. She line manages the Learning Support Department and the Science Department. She also has a keen interest in developing students learning skills and maintaining the fantastic elearning programme at Perins.  Mrs Pearce says ‘I am passionate about teaching and helping other teachers to improve their teaching.  I enjoy reading current research and using this to reflect on what we do here at Perins. I have been a guest speaker at various local and national conferences and have a keen interest in pedagogy.’

Mr C Surry

School Business Manager

Mr Surry joined Perins from Hampshire Cricket in 2008 to develop the school’s  community enterprises; Patchwork Day Nursery and Pre-School, Evolution Health and Fitness, and the facility hire programme.  His progression to School Business Manager coincided with the school’s conversion to an Academy in 2011 and the development of the school’s Business Unit. Areas of responsibility include the school estates, health and safety, the community businesses, IT services, finance and personnel. He explains ‘My role, and that of my team, is to enhance the learning experience for everyone atPerins, from students and staff to our variety of community users.’ Mr Surry has been instrumental in the success of the funding bids for the development of the new Maths block, Turing, and the refurbishment of the English block, Pascal.

 Mr A PapanicolaouPapanicolaou, Andy (Team Leader MFL and Assistant Head Teacher)

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Papanicolaou holds a BA(Hons) in French and Spanish and is now embarking upon a Master’s Degree in Education. He joined Perins as the Team Leader for MFL in 2011, having previously spent 5 years as Head of MFL in his previous school. Following several successful whole school projects, Mr Papanicolaou was promoted to the position of Assistant Headteacher, responsible for the quality of teaching, staff development and the links with the Learn Alliance in September 2015, following the retirement of Mr Charde.

Mr Papanicolaou says “I have always been immensely proud of my role as a teacher. Over the last 17 years, I have enjoyed being involved in the development of staff and children, and am also very honoured to have been responsible for over 20 school trips outside of the UK, including the current Year 8 trip to Paris and the ski trip. To be responsible for the quality of teaching at such a prestigious establishment as Perins is an absolute privilege.”


Mr A WesternWestern, Alexei (Team Leader-Maths and Acting Asst Head Teacher)

Assistant Headteacher

After completing a degree in Maths Education, Mr Western started teaching in Manchester before moving to Hampshire 7 years ago. He joined Perins as the Head of Maths in 2012, a role which he still holds. Mr Western says ‘I am really proud of the developments that the maths teachers have made to pupils’ experiences of maths at Perins.’

Miss A Craig

Assistant Headteacher

Miss Craig  joined the Drama department at Perins School in 2008 after completing a BA(Hons) degrees in Drama studies at Winchester University and then undertaking a PGCE at Reading University. Throughout her time at Perins, Miss Craig has enjoyed the role of Professional mentor and Deputy of Transformation Learning. She then quickly progressed to Team Leader of Transformation Learning. More recently Miss Craig has started supporting students with attendance issues and whose who struggle to engage in school life. Miss Craig says ‘I love being a teacher and working with our students at Perins. It’s a privilege to watch our pupils flourish and grow. My one goal in teaching would be to inspire the children as much as they inspire me.