Perins School is managed by a team of senior teaching and support staff under the direction of the board of governors.  Working to achieve the school’s three year strategic plan, the team is committed to a programme of development across a number of key areas that support the school’s ethos and vision.

  • Ensuring teachers are best placed to deliver the curriculum, assessment and examination changes taking place, to achieve academic excellence
  • Develop the Perins e-learning initiative and the school’s rich programme of extra-curricular activities to help prepare the students for life after Perins
  • Create an outstanding guidance and learning support structure that promotes good behaviour for learning with all students
  • Recruit and retain the highest quality of staff across the school and it’s businesses to create an exciting and thriving community for work
  • Develop the school site to create a safe and high quality environment for our students
  • As an academy school, develop our operating systems efficiently and effectively to maximise the opportunities and meet the high standards required
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