Transition from Primary

Supporting you through the process

Transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting time for many children who look forward to this time with enthusiasm.  The opportunity to experience countless new activities and lessons at a much larger school can spark a life-long interest, or even a career path.

At Perins we make the transition process as straightforward as possible, so that your child settles into this new phase of their education really easily. As soon as you have confirmed your child’s place we begin to get to know them, so by the time September comes they are familiar with the new surroundings and what is expected of them.

Using a mixture of group open days, individual visits and an induction day, there are plenty of opportunities for you and your child to find out about life at Perins before the start of the autumn term. As around one third of our students live outside the Catchment Area, we take additional steps to help these children integrate by offering a further visit to Perins, as well as helping them make new friends through our friendship groups.

Tutors are key figures in our relationship with you and your child, so you have the chance to get to know your child’s tutor during the Year 6 summer term. In addition, our Assistant Head Teacher and Senior Guidance Manager are dedicated to Year 7.

They oversee the transition process and ensure that, at every step of the way, your child is made to feel welcome and secure. A confident and happy student is more likely to achieve his or her full potential, which is our aim as much as yours.

We understand that queries or concerns may surface at any time and we are only too happy to respond, so every tutor’s email address is made available to you on our Staff Contact List. We would prefer to allay any worries before they become a problem. Secondary school may seem less approachable than primary school, but it is certainly the opposite at Perins.