Girls’ Uniform

Specifics of the Perins Girls’ Uniform

Blazer: Traditional school uniform style in black with school badge on breast pocket.

Skirt: A black, pleated skirt with the Perins badge. The skirt should at all times touch the child’s knee when they are standing upright. Please allow for growth when purchasing the skirt: our suggestion would be to buy a skirt which will give your child as much wear as possible, but still conforms to the rule of touching the knee. Below is information given to us by a paediatric Growth and Endocrine Nurse Specialist.

Girls and boys grow at an average of 5-6 cm per year from about the age of 6; this continues until puberty begins. After this time and for the next two years, girls will grow around 12-15 cm per year, on average.

Trousers: Black traditional style or cropped suit style trousers. Cotton fabrics, combats, cords, jeans, chinos, hipsters or flared styles are not permitted. Fabrics with a high lycra content, which cling to the body, are also not permitted.

Shirt: White traditional school shirt with standard collar. Fitted fashion shirts, baggy styles or polo shirts are not permitted.  Shirts must be worn tucked into trousers or skirt. Garments worn under the shirt must be light in colour, and without images.

Socks: Black socks.

Tights:  Plain black, or natural in colour.  Please note; black socks should not be worn over tights.

Shoes:  Black (with laces of the same colour if applicable).  They should be smart and practical for all school activities. Trainers, boots, stilettos, canvas types, flip-flops, sandals or open-toes styles are not permitted.  Shoes must fit feet securely and not be worn down at the back; ‘flip flop’ action is unacceptable. See here for some examples of expected shoes.

Jumper: Plain black, fine knit, long-sleeved, with V neck.  This is an optional item; no other jumper is acceptable.

Tie: School tie in house colour (Ventus = yellow, Ignis = red, Terra = green, Aqua = purple). Ties must be worn to a length where a minimum of 14 coloured/silver stripes can be clearly seen.

Outside Coats: Coats that are blue, black, white, beige or house colours (red, yellow, green and purple) are permitted. The coat must be a plain type worn over (not instead of or under) blazers in cold weather. Denim, jumper material or hoodie style is not permitted. Any reflective material, motifs or labels on coats/bags, must be discreet and inoffensive (not sexist, racist or relating to the drugs culture in any way).  Scarves and hats (of the above colours) are permitted, but they are only to be worn in cold weather, not as a fashion garment.

Jewellery/ Body Piercings: No jewellery, except a maximum of two metal studs, one in each ear lobe. Tunnel earrings are not permitted. No other body jewellery is acceptable. Students are permitted to wear a wrist watch.

Hair Style: Hair must be clean, neat and tidy, and kept at a reasonable length. Extreme styles including shaving patterns into the hair, and extreme colours are not permitted.

Make Up: At Perins we would prefer students not to wear make-up whilst at school. However, if make-up is worn then it should fit the below guidelines.

Natural looking make up that includes: a thin layer of foundation and concealer, lightly filled eye-brows following a natural shape, nude eye shadows, and a thin layer of mascara. An example of such make up is found here.

Eye-liner, coloured eye shadows, fake eye lashes and heavy foundation are not permitted.

Nails: Acrylic, extension, or extra-long nails are not permitted. Clear nail polish is acceptable. Coloured nail varnish is also not permitted.

At the discretion of the school, if makeup or nail polish is deemed not within these guidelines, students will be instructed to remove it.