Anti-bullying Week at Perins on BBC South Today

For anti-bullying week this year, our Anti-Bullying Co-ordinator Miss Cotton asked staff members if they would be willing to share their experiences of bullying, in the hope it might help some of our students to speak out and be heard.

Students of all year groups have been shown Miss Cotton’s video ‘Change Starts With Us’ to empower and enable them to speak out against bullying, or to think twice about the long-lasting effects bullying behaviour can have on people.  You can view the video Change Starts With Us on the Perins Facebook page here.

The video has been a huge success across the internet and has been shared 234 times and viewed over 24,000 times so far, which is phenomenal.  Excitingly this unique story also featured on BBC South Today this week.  The BBC came into Perins on Wednesday to film this news story and you can view Miss Cotton, our extremely brave teachers and our students on the BBC South Today’s website at

We would like to say a big thank you to all of the staff who had the courage to speak of their experiences to help our students’ voices be heard.