Les Miserables 2013

Les Miserables 2013The Creative Arts Team and Perins Youth Theatre worked non-stop to produce and stage the exciting and challenging school version of Les Miserables.

In a week the school hall had been transformed into a fantastic, inspiring set where the audience stepped back into the time of the French Revolution.  M3 Technology, a stage production company, worked tirelessly in the hot June weather to build the set which included a revolving stage and barricades that magically appear from the sides of the stage!

Les Miserables 2013Marilitsa Alexiou, Director and Team Leader of the Creative Arts Department said, “I have been astounded by the maturity and dedication demonstrated by these pupils, both through their talents and their extraordinary sense of creative ambition.  They have shown a great sense of responsibility both to one another and also the staff who have worked with them.”

Within 12 hours of the box office opening, the 1140 tickets for the week of performances sold out!  An extra show was added for Monday night and that too sold out within 12 hours.  With a cast of over 100 students and another 50 including the orchestra and the backstage team no wonder the tickets sold like hot cakes!

It was a hugely ambitious project which did not disappoint anyone lucky enough to have see the preformances. For the dedicated team in Creative Arts, this production of Les Miserables was a dream come true.

Almost as legendary as the show itself is the promotional video recorded to launch ticket sales.