Ski Trip

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The annual Perins ski trip gives students a fantastic skiing adventure as well as a chance to experience the culture of other countries.

Ski Trip 2020 to Jasper Ski Resort in Canada

Following our recent highly successful trip to Italy/France, Perins is planning a ski trip to the Jasper ski resort in Canada.   This trip is open to all current Year 7, 8 and 9 students (next year’s Year 8, 9 and 10).  Please see here for full details.

Ski Trip 2019

This year, we took 62 excited Perins students to enjoy the slopes of Sestriere, Italy, and Montgenèvre, France.

After 22 fairly quiet hours on the coach, students were welcomed into snowy Claviere and our home for the week – a beautiful, family run hotel of which we had free reign! We fitted our boots, measured poles and set up skis, ready to start bright and early in the morning. We enjoyed a wonderful home-cooked three-course meal – the first of many that began with pasta. After all that excitement, we had some time to relax and unwind before a busy day getting to grips with the slopes.

Monday morning saw great excitement, with everyone looking very much the part eating a continental breakfast in salopettes. We had a smooth drive around incredible mountains from Claviere to Sestriere, and once we arrived the sun was shining, the snow was glistening and we were already sweating in our kit by the time we had our skis on!

The students were greeted and grouped by our lovely instructors (who would be looking after us for the whole week) and we were off up the mountains. We met for lunch in the resort’s restaurant to find some tired but still enthusiastic children.

After an exhausting two more hours of snow, we headed back to the hotel and swapped exciting ski stories; it was great to hear how much the students had already learnt and were helping each other out on the challenging first day. We awarded our helmet covers and this year brought some new awards: 3 moose for best stack, 2 snowmen for being a helping hand and 1 jester for being a hero (all were, of course, worn with pride).

Day two began and we were a little more practised at getting ourselves organised in the morning. Already the groups felt like they were making great progress and everyone was so wonderfully encouraging to one another, no matter their ability. More delicious food for dinner and awarding of helmet covers, followed by some much needed down time.

On Wednesday, having heard great things from our instructors, we were eager to head to a new resort: Montgenèvre. A rather comical 5 minute journey across the border found us in snowy France with some new slopes to explore. The students seemed to welcome these new challenges even if their tired legs weren’t too happy about it. On the way home, we stopped off at a local ice cream parlour for a treat (blame Mr Papanicolaou for the dessert before dinner!). Time came to award helmet covers and we of course had to recognise Miss Lunn holding up the beginner group by being unable to get up from her constant falls!

Thursday brought some aching legs (very slowly carrying sleepy children) but nevertheless skiing was still a great success. We had some spectacular (unintentional) off-piste skiing which, of course, earned moose helmet covers. We had even more delicious home-cooked food at our hotel before heading out to a cosy underground pub – or ‘disco’ as Mr Papanicolaou liked to call it. Students chose a free soft drink and Mr Barber’s DJ skills had everyone up and dancing. It was unsurprisingly straight to bed after that!

Friday, our final day of skiing, and Mr Papanicolaou very kindly gave us an extra 10 minutes in bed. This was most likely out of embarrassment because today he would be wearing a moose helmet cover after sliding down a slope and into one our students (though he maintains that as he did not hit the ground it doesn’t count as a ‘fall’).

The drive to Montgenèvre was a little bit eerie; the cloud had dipped so low we couldn’t actually find the mountain. But a quick gondola ride later and we found ourselves at the top of a glorious, sunny mountain with beautiful fresh snow just waiting for our last adventure. We took in the last view from the top of the mountain and took a group picture on the way back to the coach to commemorate another successful time skiing – with no skiing related injuries!

In a bit of a change from previous years, we decided to not ski on our final day before getting on the coach. The children welcomed a more leisurely breakfast before we headed into Turin. We started in the museum, which was spectacular and full of the incredible history of Italy’s old capital, and then spent the afternoon in the local shopping mall (buying parents gifts no doubt). We had our final meal with our hotelier family, including surprise cakes to celebrate those who’d had a birthday whilst on the trip, and speeches thanking the hotel and school staff for looking after everyone so very well. After ensuring we’d packed as thoroughly as possible, we got settled into the coach for a long but sleepy journey back home. Another amazing ski trip complete!

Download our video here– Ski Trip 1 video