Creative Arts News

Local artist and sculptor Nic Joly has exhibited all around the world and is in collections globally.

He works in the miniature using the world around us as his inspiration.  His sculptures are often seen as pieces of theatre using humour and pathos to convey his thoughts in his unique way.

Nic has created a one-off original art work titled ’Some day’ (measuring 600mmx600mm) based around the musical West Side Story which Perins is producing at The Grange this year.  To help raise funds for the Creative Arts department he has generously donated this piece for auction.

The piece,  which is all hand made by Nic contains many details about the story line for the viewer to find.  There is real dirt and dust from the streets of New York in the work as well as Nic’s hand carved figures,  yellow cab,  fire escapes and buildings.   This is Nic’s first ever New York piece and as with all his original works it lights up and is interactive when the viewer walks up to it.  Nic has been  working on this sculpture for over 2 months.  Not only does it depict the narrative of West Side Story but also the romance of Romeo and Juliet.

The auction will go live at midday on the 13th of July and close at midnight on the 20th of July.  All money raised from the auction of this unique art work will go to the Creative Arts department at Perins.   We cannot thank Nic enough for this generous gift, please follow the link if you would like to place a bid – Happy Bidding!