English studies at Perins are core to ensuring our students can fulfil their future potential, whatever their chosen career. Our team of exceptional English teachers creates inspirational lessons for all, delivering strong exam results each year. We have designed our curriculum in Key Stage 3 to prepare students more thoroughly for the demands of the new GCSE, and we continue to explore a wide range of challenging texts spanning 400 years of writing in English.

In addition to the core subjects of English Language and English Literature, Perins also offers KS4 students the chance to study for a GCSE  in Media Studies. This provides students with the skills and knowledge to examine a wide range of different Media as well as opportunities to create examples of certain forms of Media.

Head of Department: Mr S Barber

Key Stage 3  Year 7 and Year 8
Key Stage 4  GCSE English Language
GCSE English Literature
GCSE Creative Digital Media