GCSE Computing

Course Content

GCSE Computer Science is an academic course and counts as a science subject in the Baccalaureate qualification.

Areas of study include:
– Computer Hardware
– Computer Software
– Communications, networking and Wifi
– Representation of data in computer systems
– Algorithms
– Computer Programming

Students will acquire practical skills with a range of programming / scripting languages such as HTML/CSS, Scratch, Small Basic and Python 3.”


The scheme of assessment consists of one tier covering the whole ability range with grades from 9 to 1.


Programming Project – approximately 20 hours (20% of total marks): Candidates create solutions to programming tasks chosen from a set of options supplied by OCR.

2 written assessment examination papers – both 1 hour 30 minutes (80% of total marks). A mixture of short and long answer questions, some of which will require candidates to write pseudocode and complex algorithms