English Language

Subject title: GCSE English Language

Director of Study: Mrs B Yates yates@perins.hants.sch.uk

Course Content

The new English Language GCSE will encourage students to read a greater range of high quality, challenging literature and non-fiction texts from a range of genres and types (from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries).

Subject Skills
Reading and writing will be equally weighted in the new English Language GCSE.

The new English Language GCSE will have a greater focus on making sure that students are able to write clearly and accurately, in good Standard English. There will be an increased emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar including the use of vocabulary.


Tiers will be removed from GCSE English Language. This means that specifications and question papers will have to cover the full range of abilities with grades from 9 to 1.


There will be no coursework for this subject

Speaking and Listening will be assessed through endorsement (this change is being introduced to exams from summer 2014). There will be a bigger emphasis on teaching students to become more confident in formal speaking.

There will be some form of final external examinations but this has not been finalised as yet; details expected at the end of the summer term.