English Literature

Subject title: GCSE English Literature

Director of Study: Mrs B Yates yates@perins.hants.sch.uk

Course Content

The course develops the ability to read, understand and respond to a wide variety of literary texts and to appreciate the ways in which authors achieve their effects. It will promote an awareness of social, historical and cultural contexts in the study of literature.  It will allow pupils to develop an ability to construct and convey meaning through the written word.

Subject Skills
The new English Literature GCSE will encourage students to read a wide range of classic literature fluently with the assessment of:
  • A 19th century novel
  • A Shakespeare play
  • A selection of poetry since 1789 including representative Romantic poems
  • British fiction or drama from 1914 onwards.

Tiers will be removed from GCSE English Literature.  This means that specifications and question papers will have to cover the full range of abilities with grades from 9 to 1.


There will be no coursework for this subject


There will be some form of final external examinations but this has not been finalized as yet; details expected at the end of the Summer term.