GCSE Geography: Year 11

Our current Year 11 students are studying the following GCSE course:

Course Content

The course covers 3 units; Sustainable Decision Making, Geographical Enquiry and Key Geographical Themes.

The key themes include; Rivers and Coasts, Population and Settlement, Natural hazards, Economic development.

Subject Skills

  • Written technique will require writing extended passages
  • Graphic skills including map work and a variety of statistical techniques will be needed
  • Research, recording and reporting will use traditional and ICT resources
  • Fieldwork will be an essential part of the course.  This will be within the local area.


The GCSE is accessed at two tiers. The Foundation Tier is limited to grades 4-1, the Higher Tier is limited to grades 9 – 3.


Controlled Assessment’ (25% of total marks) – The Geographical Enquiry will consist of a fieldwork investigation of a hypothesis or question.


Sustainable Decision Making exam paper – 1 hour 30 minutes (25% of total marks) – based on a sustainable development issue around one of the key themes.

Terminal exam paper – 1 hour 45 minutes (50% of total marks) – this will consist of questions based on the remaining 3 key themes.  Questions will be set on a range of issues and include a case study for each theme.

Why Geography?

This is an ideal foundation for learners who want to pursue Geography at A Level or as a career, as it covers a wide range of topics to ensure that they become well-rounded geographers, with skills required by the sector.