Modern Foreign Languages

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The Modern Foreign Languages department at Perins ensures that students not only learn to speak the language but also develop an understanding of the country’s culture. The Perins annual programme of trips  helps support this, bringing classroom learning to life and broadening horizons.

In Year 7, students are randomly selected to study either French or Spanish and they will continue this language into Year 8. This means that they will have built a strong foundation of language, grammar and skills by the time they make their GCSE choices in Year 8 and taking a language at Perins is encouraged. Students are strongly advised to continue with the language they are currently studying into GCSE level as an important part of providing a rounded and rich educational experience.  If a student has a particular preference to study either French or Spanish when they start Perins, this can be accommodated if the school is notified before September of which language they would like to study and why.

Head of DepartmentMiss Tindall

Key Stage 3 Year 7 and Year 8 
Key Stage 4 GCSE French
GCSE Spanish