Transformational Learning

Pupils have Transform lessons in Year 7 and Year 8 of Perins. During this time our aim is to develop their ‘soft skills’ and give them tools to use for life. We base our projects around the development of six key skills needed for life-long learning. These skills are judged against a grid which splits the development up into Basic, Better and Best.

Key Skills

  • Effective Participation
  • Creative Thinking
  • Independent Enquiry
  • Reflective Learning
  • Team Work
  • Self Management


Two projects are carried out per half term and each project has two key skills linked to it so that each key skill is visited twice during the course of the year.

Year 7 Example Projects

  • 7Billion Ideas– Invention project
  • Human Rights- public speaking project
  • Connect with Respect- Cyber-bullying project
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Include me- Disability awareness
  • Youth Justice- Felton Prison

Year 8 Example Projects

  • Sensational Science
  • Discover Arts Award – National Award credited by Trinity College London.
  • Career Project – CV & interview project

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