Development at the Perins MAT

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The Sports & Arts Foundation (SAF)


At the end of 2017, Trustees started a development campaign to maintain and extend The Perins MAT sports and arts provision and facilities. At a time of tight budgets, when many schools are cutting back on activities like drama, art, music, dance and a range of different sports, Trustees are determined to ensure that The Perins MAT continues to offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities in facilities which can benefit both our students and our local community. We believe deeply in the importance of extra-curricular activities in the development of rounded, resilient and confident young people able to fulfil their potential in life and work.

We also believe that involving our students, staff, families and community in joint efforts around fundraising, philanthropy and community collaboration is a way of developing vital life-skills and promoting SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural curriculum) in our schools.

Plans and Aspirations

Our first plan is for a new Astro pitch involving an initial fundraising target of £250,000. After that, our aspirations extend in the future and when funding allows to additional Sports Facilities, as well as a Performing Arts Centre.

Recent Developments

As shared in Assemblies during the week of 13th May 2019, the efforts of students, staff, parents and generous donors in the wider community have enabled SAF to raise over £25,000 so far. Some of this has been spent on new football goals for the existing Astro to benefit current students and community users of the Astro; the new goals will also be used as and when the Astro is refurbished.

The Development Group (made up of staff, Trustees and parents) continues to develop links with local groups interested in supporting our Astro development plans.

A new Development Officer started work in May 2019, working on securing grants and fundraising support for The MAT.

Trustees have organised various events to promote the activities of SAF and continue to work with potential supporters and donors.

Trustees continue to review broader options for The MAT sites, both for curricular and extra-curricular activities and facilities.


Perins students launched our fundraising activities with the £1 challenge at the end of 2017. Each student was given £1 and asked to “grow” it. A huge range of activities were undertaken by our enterprising students, from car-washing and baking to sponsored bike rides and selling online inspirational quotes. Prizes were awarded to a tutor group and individual students who raised the most money. A fabulous total of almost £5,000 was raised!

Trustees and generous supporters from the local community have raised over £20,000.

The new Development Officer role has been sponsored by a generous donor.

A wonderful member of our local community has offered significant support to the Astro project.


Events in aid of SAF are run at various times during the year. Please contact for more information.

During National School Sports Week (24th- 28th June 2019), the PE Department are organising various fitness challenges both at Perins and SHJS and also at other schools in the 7AS group (7 Alresford Schools). Perins students will be seeking sponsorship for completing a 3-2-1 Challenge (3 km cycling, 2 km running, 1 km rowing) and junior, infant and primary school students will be seeking sponsorship to complete “2K-a-day”, all during their Daily Runs and school PE lessons that week. All the money raised will go towards our Astro refurbishment project. There will be a prize for the Perins Tutor Group which raises the most money and £300 of sports vouchers for sports equipment for the junior/primary/infant school which raises the most money.

Get Involved 

Any and all support is welcome!

Be sponsored for an activity. Go for a walk or run. Do a bike or horse ride. Hold an art exhibition. Play in a band. Act in a play. Bake cakes or wash cars.

Financial donations are most welcome. We are going to need significant support from our families and community to achieve our aspirations. We are looking at ideas for sponsors and patrons.

Please contact if you have questions or ideas. See below for methods of donation.

How to Donate

The Trustees of The Perins MAT welcome offers of donations of all sizes, thus enabling continuing development over the long term.

We are in the process of setting up a direct donation link from this page enabling quick and easy giving along with gift aid for those who pay tax. There will also be options for annual and repeat giving. In the meantime, if you have any questions about giving, please contact

Donations must be freely given with no expectation of anything in return other than thanks and recognition. Trustees are pleased to accept lawful donations which are given in good faith and which are compatible with The Perins MAT’s strategic objectives, values and ethos. Donations where a condition of acceptance would compromise these principles will not be accepted.


We take all data protection matters seriously. Please click on the link to see our Privacy Notice.