Laptop Scheme Information

Perins School is very proud of its pioneering laptop scheme which now in its 12th year has become the envy of many schools.  All students are given the opportunity to use a school laptop for their time at Perins for use in school and at home.

Benefits of E-learning

  • The use of computers in schools is known to promote independent learning which the students find empowering. At Perins, this has been reflected in their excellent exam results.
  • Technology can be powerful to improve learning, particularly when there is regular and frequent use in all subject areas, as opposed to once a week in an IT suite.
  • A wide variety of e-Learning opportunities are used to supplement normal teaching strategies rather than a replacing them.

Help with your School Laptop

The IT Services office is currently not accessible to students. Please email ITHelpdesk to raise an IT Support Ticket and our team will collect your laptop.  If you are not able to email, please ask your tutor, teacher or parent to email on your behalf.

Students are not able to borrow laptops (except those who we know are not on scheme) so please make sure you have your laptop with you, fully charged every day.  You are not allowed to charge your laptop at school.

If the laptop is physically broken and requires a repair you will need to complete this  incident form  and you’ll be advised of any payment.

Replacement chargers can be ordered via ITHelpdesk and be paid for via Scopay.

For further information or queries please contact