New 2 year Laptop Scheme

2 Year Laptop Scheme

Moving forward into Year 10 there are 2 options for laptop use at school:

  • To continue to participate in the laptop scheme and receive a new laptop for September 2019. 
  • To use the existing scheme laptop with no warranty or insurance cover.

As the insurance and warranty are due to expire on the current scheme devices, we highly recommend taking advantage of signing up to the new scheme and receiving a new laptop for the remaining 2 years of your child’s education at Perins.

Students starting Year 10 and those starting Year 8 (only those who are not currently on the scheme or whose current scheme is ending July 2018) are therefore invited to join our 2 year scheme.  Please take time to read the 2019 Laptop Scheme Information and Frequently Asked Questions sheet:

Key information:

  • Response form indicating your decision to be completed for all Year 9 students by 22 May 2019.
  • Response form also tells us if you’d like to keep the existing laptop for school or home use.
  • Perins will be placing the order for new laptops 7 June 2019.
  • Suggested monthly donation is £20 and will be collected for 21 months starting 25 August 2019. The final collection will be 25 April 2021.
  • The insurance and warranty will be valid for 24 months.
  • New laptops will be handed out during the first week of term in September.
  • Transfer of ownership payment for existing laptop due by 7 September 2019 (via Scopay).
  • The final donation for current Year 9 laptop scheme will be collected July 2018.

In order for us to receive the laptops and get them ready in time for September we need your decision as soon as possible.  So please follow the link below to complete the online response form (indicating whether you want to opt-in or out of the new scheme) by 22 May 2019.  Please note we need a completed response form for all Year 9 students.

STEP 1: Please click here to complete the response form.

STEP 2: To complete your request for a new laptop (unless you are waiting for a call back from Perins), please also complete an online direct debit mandate at:

Username: perins1921

Password: Welcome01 (N.B: the password is case sensitive and the 0 is a zero)

The portal will be open 29 April – 24 May 2019

If you have any problems accessing the portal, please contact Freedom Tech direct on 020 3857 5630 or

For all other queries or to request a paper copy of the information and/or forms please contact Caroline Cleaver 01962 737232 or email