New 3 year Laptop Scheme

3 Year Laptop Scheme

Students starting Year 7 are invited to join our 3 year laptop scheme.

If you’re new to Perins, you may want to take a look at “How the Scheme Works”

Please also take time to read the 2020 Laptop Scheme Information and Frequently Asked Questions sheet and then follow the 2 step process to sign up to the new scheme.


Key information:

  • Fill in the Response Form indicating your decision to be completed for all new students by 22 May 2020. Please complete a form for each child.
  • The Response Form also allows you to request a call to discuss the scheme.
  • Perins will be placing our final order for new laptops on 3 June 2020.
  • We cannot guarantee having a laptop ready in time for child at the start of term in September for forms received after the deadline.
  • The donations for this scheme will be collected for 36 months from 25 August 2020.
  • New laptops will be handed out at the start of term in September.
  • If you are a UK taxpayer your donations are eligible for Gift Aid, so please complete the Gift Aid declaration on the Response Form and portal in the same name as the direct debit.
  • Remember to also visit the tech4learners portal (details below) to set up your direct debit & complete your order before 30 May 2020.

STEP 1: Please click here to complete our ‘Response Form’ to let us know your decision.

STEP 2: Complete your request for a new laptop now (unless you’re waiting for a call back from Perins), by completing the online order and direct debit mandate on the tech4learners portal at:

Username: perins2036

Password: S3cure02!   (N.B: the password is case sensitive and the 0 is a zero)

Please complete all screens, ensuring you click any boxes/buttons which may appear at the bottom of each screen (including a button to confirm your direct debit details). The order is complete when you are provided with a reference number.

The portal will be open 27 April – 29 May 2020

If you have any problems accessing the portal, please contact Freedom Tech direct on 020 3857 5630 or

We need this order/direct debit to be set up now to build our supplier order, but the 1st donation will not be collected until 25 August 2020. The direct debit will be set up for a fixed term of 36 months.

For all queries or to request a paper copy of the information and/or forms please contact Caroline Cleaver 01962 737232 or email