What time does my child need to be in school?
Registration is at 8.40am so we would advise students are in their tutor room by 8.35am.

What number do I ring if my child is ill?
Please ring 01962 734361 and choose option 1 or email the dedicated absence email absence@perins.hants.sch.uk by 9.30 am on the day your child is ill, stating the name and tutor group of your child as well as the reason for absence . You should tell us on the first day that your child is absent and continue to inform us each day that they are absent.

Who should I contact if I need to take my child out of school for medical reasons?
Please call 01962 734361 and choose option 1 or email the absence email absence@perins.hants.sch.uk with details of the appointment.

What if my child misses tutor time because they are at a meeting/music lesson/sports event?
When teachers need to take students out of tutor time, they tell Student Services who then mark the students as present at school. Sometimes, these activities change at very short notice and students may be marked absent until we can check with the teacher or with a parent.

Who should I contact if my personal details change?
If your personal details change please contact Data Manager, Mr Phil Segal on datamanager@perins.hants.sch.uk Please try to give us this new information as soon as you are aware of a change in detail. This also applies to a change in mobile phone numbers and email addresses.

How do I speak to my child’s tutor?
The best method for contacting tutors is via email, details of which can be found on our website. Alternatively you can contact the School Office who will pass on a message.

Who should I contact if I wish to discuss a confidential matter about my child?
Please contact your child’s tutor to discuss the matter in the first instance.

Where can my child wait after school?
A study room is open to students until 4.30pm (4pm on Friday).

Where can I buy uniform?
Compulsory School Uniform is available from the School Office daily during term time at lunchtimes (13.15-14.05), purchasing either by cash or cheque payable to Direct Clothing Company. It can also be purchased online via The Direct Clothing Company.
Optional PE kit is available via the PE Office, purchasing though ScoPay or from the PE Office with cash or cheque payable to Perins School.
Details of school uniform requirements can be found here.

What if I need to pass on an urgent message to my child?
It is difficult to pass messages to students but in an emergency, please contact the School Office who will attempt to get a message to the student. We are unable to pass on messages during break and lunch times.

Where does my child leave prescribed medication?
Prescribed medication can be left in the School Office – a medication form will need to be completed for regular medication.

Is there a School Nurse at Perins?
There is no School Nurse at Perins although trained First Aiders are available in the School Office to deal with emergencies only. The Winchester School Nursing Team visit the school on a regular basis and students are able to make appointments to speak with a Nurse about aspects of health and well-being.