Optional PE Kit, Uniform Deliveries and Lost Property

Optional PE kit orders placed in July – please be aware that the majority of this stock has now arrived in school and is being processed for delivery to students.  We aim to have all July orders out to students by Wednesday 18th September. Students will receive a slip in afternoon tutor time asking them to come along to collect from the PE office.

Optional PE kit orders placed in September – orders placed since the block opened again on 4th September will be delivered in approximately mid November as planned. The block closes on Scopay on 16th October. However if stock allows then orders will be processed and delivered sooner.

For any queries regarding optional PE kit orders please email (optional PE kit items are for example: hoodies; tracksuit trousers; rugby shorts and Perins socks)

Uniform orders and lost property – students will receive a slip from reception when their uniform order or an item of lost property is available for collection from reception.  We would be very grateful if students collect their items promptly.