Perins students celebrate outstanding GCSE results

In a year where nationally, school curricula have seen a great deal of change, Perins students and staff have shown their resilience in adapting to the new and tougher reformed GCSE courses.

Early indications show that Perins School is once again ahead of both the national and Hampshire curves in all performance measures. Naturally, we can further qualify this once the complete national and regional pictures are established.

Head Teacher, Steve Jones said:

“In what is being referred to as the biggest change to GCSEs since their inception, schools across the country have anticipated the outcomes of these ‘tougher’ examinations with greater uncertainty than in previous years. However, the faith we have in our students and staff has once again been rewarded with students showing great resilience and staff demonstrating outstanding professionalism. The resulting outcomes are testament to their hard work and determination.

In a year of many highlights and individual successes, particular recognition should be given to the extraordinary achievements of subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and IT with 100% 4-9 grades and Drama with 98% of students achieving a grade between 4 and 9.”

Around half of our students achieved at least one grade 7 (roughly equivalent to the old A grade) while over a quarter achieved a grade 8, (the old A*). An impressive 15% of the cohort achieved at least one pass in the top grade 9.

We wish all of our leavers every success in whatever they have chosen to pursue next. The achievement at the higher end (grades 7+) at a time when examinations have been considerably more difficult will ensure that this cohort is better prepared for the demands and rigour of A-levels and beyond.

Further information on reformed GCSE gradings can be found here:–-What-the-new-GCSEs-mean-in-2018-a-guide-for-parents-and-carers.pdf