Support Staff Vacancies

Perins School has developed and grown over the last 300 years into the friendly school community you see today, with nearly 200 staff, teaching, caring and working for the students.

A diverse range of support staff at Perins ensure that the school runs efficiently at all times, working as partners alongside our teaching staff, they ensure that the infrastructure and administration functions are working as they should.

Staff include teaching assistants, guidance managers, technicians, marketing, IT support, caretakers and office staff. We also have casual positions of exam invigilators to assist us with the exams at key points in the year.

The school shares its site with our Preschool and Nursery; Patchwork,so we also recruit Early Years Professionals.

The professional development of the support staff is of equal importance to that of teachers, creating an exciting and thriving community for all.

Please visit The Perins MAT website for our support staff vacancies

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