Uniform Message

As the year draws to a close and we look to September please may we take the opportunity to remind you about our Perins Uniform Requirements. We have been very proud of our students’ efforts at smartening their uniform this year and we will be consistently monitoring this next year.

Perins Skirts

Please may we make a special mention with regards to the new Perins skirts. They are a required uniform item for all year groups as from September 2019. For those who still need to purchase a Perins skirt, the ordering details are on our website or please contact the school office. If you wish your daughter to try a skirt on before you buy please contact the school office and they can arrange for this.


We would like to take this opportunity to remind parents about our piercing and jewellery policy. We have observed that there are still a number of students who are wearing more than the permitted one stud per ear lobe. In recent weeks we have had safety concerns about students wearing more jewellery than allowed with the related risk of injury. Whilst sanctions and precautions are being put in place at school, we would ask for parental support with this to ensure that our students are safe during the school day.

As a compromise this year we have allowed students with new piercings to wear clear retainers or cover them with a plaster whilst at school. We would like to make it clear that as from September 2019 we will not allow students to wear the retainers or plasters as there will have been enough time for the piercings to heal and as such they can be removed when in school. We would ask that you do not let your child have extra piercings during school terms or, at a minimum, ensure that no more than one stud per earlobe is worn during school time.

The updated full uniform requirements are on the website here.  Please may we ask that you have a look at this in order for your son/daughter to be ready for September.