GCSE Exams 2021

Final grades for Year 11 subjects are being assessed differently this year, due to the extended closures of secondary schools during the last 12 months. Schools will be responsible for allocating grades, based on a range of evidence points. 

At Perins, this procedure will combine already completed assessment, ongoing in-class performance and mini-assessment of content from exam boards. The evidence generated will be used to guide grading decisions, but this data alone is not sufficient to reach a reliable grade. As in-class assessment is not the same as traditional summative exams, moderation processes will be used within departments and across the school. 

Our aim is to provide the most likely grade a student would have achieved for each subject in normal times. We are aware that some students progress steadily towards their final grade over a period of months and years. For others, the prospect of the looming final exams provides the impetus to create a late surge in effort, understanding and performance. 


Assessment calendar

We aim to provide opportunities for all students to fulfil their potential before their time at Perins comes to an end. 

This highlights the key assessment points coming up for each subject, alongside information on ongoing and previously completed tasks. The week commencing 17th May has been designated as a mini-assessment week, giving students the opportunity to show what they can do, using, in most cases, new material published by exam boards for this year. As with other internal assessments, the Learning Support team will be utilised to provide any previously agreed Access Arrangements. For more subject-specific information, students should speak with class teachers in the first instance.

Information for Parents and Students

For more information on grading we have added our virtual assemblies that were delivered to students in March and May.  

The Joint Council on Qualifications (JCQ) has also produced a guide for Students and Parents for Summer 2021 below