GCSE Exams 2022

GCSE Dates for Summer 2022


The GCSE exams will start on Monday 16th May and conclude on Wednesday 29th June.  Students must make sure they are available until the end of the exam period in case of disruption, resulting in an exam being rescheduled.

GCSE Timetables

Students will receive an individual timetable shortly after half term via email. Students will also be sent a Statement of Entries; this details the exams that they have been entered for and the relevant course code.

GCSE Pre-release Material

This is now available on individual board websites:





Perins teaching staff have copies of this information and will be sharing it with students.

Year 11 Programme of Study – Post May Half Term

To optimise the learning potential of our Year 11 students leading into the examination period, from 6th June Year 11 lessons will adopt an alternative format. The Year 11 students will be able to access their subject lessons remotely from home right up until the examination in that subject is completed, or they can attend school where a supervised room will be provided to access the daily lessons.

As with previous examination cohorts, there will be a full pre-exam revision session – the day before a morning exam or on the morning of an afternoon exam, where last minute questions can be asked of a subject specialist.

Greater detail of this planned delivery will be sent out shortly.