Year 11 Study and Support Arrangements During the GCSE Exam Period

The main Examination period starts on 13th May, after practical examinations in April (Art, Drama and PE).  Until we break for half-term, on May 24th, our Year 11 students will continue to be in school full time. Where an exam takes place before half-term as far as possible, there will be a teacher-led session as final preparation before the examination.  Students will attend these instead of their normal timetabled lesson.  When they are not in a revision session or examination, the students continue to attend their normal lessons. Changes will be made to breaks and lunches as required.

After the May half-term, i.e. from June 3rd onwards, the normal Year 11 timetable is suspended.

Year 11 students are only then required to be in school for the set revision sessions and, obviously, for their examinations.

Please see here for details of the pre-exam revision sessions and please see here for study room availability after half term. This has been explained fully to students in a Year group assembly.  In the meantime, we value your support in ensuring that students continue to work on their own study and revision in preparation for this important stage in their lives.

ANY session highlighted in RED is compulsory – the only non-compulsory sessions are those that run after school.

We appreciate that many students are dependent upon school transport and therefore study rooms will be made available, in which Year 11 students who need to stay on site can revise quietly during the school day.

On Friday June 14th, after the morning examination (Science), we will have a Year 11 farewell assembly. There will then be a year group photograph, and during period 5 a chance to be together as a year group, for goodbyes, with a Hog Roast lunch provided.