PE Kit

Athletics training at Perins - hurdlesAll students have two PE lessons each week. They also have the opportunity to attend sports clubs and participate in extra-curricular activities.  The compulsory PE Kit listed below is needed for students to take part in the range of sports and activities conducted as part of their PE Lessons.

Compulsory PE Kit

  • White polo shirts. Good quality shirts are available from the school office embroidered with the Perins logo.
  • Rugby Shirt. Reversible, navy blue with a white stripe with Perins School logo which is available from the school office.
  • Navy shorts
  • Navy football socks
  • Trainers (skateboard shoes are not acceptable)
  • White sports socks
  • Shin pads
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms. These should be plain although we realise that small / subtle logos are often unavoidable.
  • Mouthguards (a dentist comes into school at the start of the year to take fittings for moulded mouthguards which cost £25. Cheaper alternatives which can be bought from sports shops are acceptable).

PE kit is available for sale at our induction day in June and can be ordered at other times from the school office. Please download the order form below.

Additional PE Kit

In addition to the compulsory PE Kit, the following range of items is available from the Perins PE department. They are all embroidered with the Perins Sports College logo. These garments are very popular and extremely useful, especially if your child suffers from the cold, attends after-school clubs or is a member of school teams.  We do not hold a large stock of these items and place orders with the supplier from time to time throughout the year. A reminder is sent out via email and added to the school bulletin just beforehand, to encourage students/parents to place their orders. At other times, there can be delays in fulfilling orders. With all these garments, it is perfectly acceptable to have alternatives, but these must be plain navy (with no, or only very subtle logos)

  • Hoodie
  • Rain Jacket
  • Baselayer
  • Tracksuit trousers
  • Fleece
  • Rugby Shorts
  • Rugby / Football / Hockey Socks

We also strongly recommended football boots, navy sun hat, navy woolly hat and navy gloves. We are not able to supply these.

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