Monteverde/La Fortuna/Tirimbina/Tortuguero

Costa Rica 23

During October half term, Perins staff took two extremely lucky and very excited groups of Perins students to Costa Rica. The trip was an amazing life experience and all 45 of the students were incredible during this trip. Thank you to everyone involved. 

 We had so many fantastic opportunities whilst we were there and group 1 and group 2 even managed to meet up during our adventures.
We went from San Jose to Tortuguero by bus & boat to our beautiful stay at Pachira Lodge, where we saw an unbelievable amount of wildlife just on the journey. We got to see the hatchling’s mad dash to the ocean and experience an evening frog walk. The Sunrise Crew met at 5:15am; just a shame that the clouds got in the way. Not for long as the boat ride was sunny & the morning was concluded with spotting a two-toed sloth in the hotel trees!
Our nature trip around the Tortuguero National Park Harold Canal was amazing! We saw a huge amount of stunning wildlife throughout our trip. Wildlife in the jungle. Tree frogs, spiders, armadillos, sloths, monkeys, lizards, iguanas, toucans.
We headed off to La Fortuna, Alajueva, where we visited Tirimbina for an immersive experience to find out about the history of the cacao bean & chocolate. The hosts were brilliant & the presentation was fabulously interactive (& tasty!) The day concluded with a lovely meal in a local restaurant. Our motto for the day “Do What You Love”
We visited the Malecu – an indigenous tribe, where we found out about their culture & their language. We walked around the rainforest with our guides & then watched a ceremony. We then spent the afternoon at Baldi Hot Springs. Not many photos as we were too busy testing the slides, natural sauna and different-temperature hot springs. We had to remember not to drink the spring water as it was natural with no chlorine.
Zipline Day. Arenal volcano. We then adventured on the exciting hanging bridges before heading on the long windy journey to Monteverde. We even managed a night hike in the Costa Rica, cloud rainforest, Tigre reserve. We were super lucky to see so many special species. Many of us enjoyed the orange-kneed tarantula and turning the lights off and listening to the sound of the forest in the pitch black! 

We are pleased to share that we will be returning to Costa Rica next year! 

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