Assessment and Learning

Ongoing assessment and feedback are key to the learning experience at Perins. The majority of assessment occurs in the classroom, through interactions between students and staff, where class teachers use a wide variety of forms of assessment to ensure students are able to fulfil their potential. Formal and informal assessment is used to celebrate achievement and progress, to inform high quality planning of learning, and to identify where additional intervention can be best targeted.

Progress reports are published 3 times a year, towards the end of each term and include feedback on student effort, attendance, achievement and behaviour, alongside subject specific targets for improvement. Year 7 and 8 reports detail personal performance in each subject, compared to individual expectations for each child. Year 9,10 and 11 reports include long-term predictions for end of Year 11 outcomes, alongside information on previous performance by similar students nationally.

All year groups have a parents’ evening every year to facilitate communication with subject specialist staff. 


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