Welcome to Arbor

We are pleased to invite you to login to our new information system, Arbor. You will be able to keep track of your child’s timetable, points, and homework. You will also be able to check and amend personal and contact details, as well as enrol your child in extra curricular activities.

 If you haven’t already signing up is simple: 

Arbor Support:

 Using the Parent Portal for the first time and setting a password

 You may access the Parent Portal to log in for the first time by navigating to the school’s URL (https://perins-school.uk.arbor.sc/)

 Click on ‘First Time Logging In?’

 Follow the instructions to create a password.

Here are some helpful tips to get started

If you’re having problems, we recommend checking here first. If you’re still unable to login, contact us school@perins.hants.sch.uk

You can also watch the Arbor support videos: Support Videos 

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