Clubs and Societies

At Perins, we are proud to offer a full, ever growing extra-curricular program.

Our aim is to provide something for everyone, and we encourage students to make the most of these opportunities. We believe that the extracurricular program promotes healthy living via access to sports and fitness activities, helps build skills, passions and interests that can last a lifetime, builds confidence and self-esteem through a variety of experiences and develops social opportunities and strong, meaningful friendships.

Students should speak to the activity organiser if they'd like to join.

OrganiserName of ClubStudents eligibleDayTime
Miss HuntMaths Sparx SessionAll YearsFriday1.10-1.50pm
Mr WandlessLego ClubYear 7 and 8Friday1.10-1.50pm
Mrs KeyFitness FeverYear 8,9, 10 and 11Friday3.30-4.30pm
Mr MillerYear 10 and 11 BasketballYear 10 and 11Friday1.10-1.50pm
Mr BentleyYear 7 Boys FootballYear 7Friday1.10-1.50pm
Mr GillespieVolleyballAll YearsFriday3.30-4.30pm
Mr BirminhgamMartial ArtsAll YearsFriday3.20-4.45pm
Miss BlakeRunning ClubAll YearsFriday3.20-4.15pm
Mr GrahamDance ClubAll YearsFriday3.30-4.30pm
Miss EglinSenior ChoirYear 9, 10 and 11Monday1.10-1.50pm
Mr ArthurYear 9 BasketballYear 9Monday1.10-1.50pm
Mr MedhurstYear 10 Boys FootballYear 10Monday1.10-1.50pm
Mr RodgersYear 7 BadmintonYear 7Monday3.30- 4.15pm
Mr RodgersYear 8 BadmintonYear 8Monday4.15-5.00pm
Mrs AustinNetball year 10 and 11Year 10 and 11Monday3.20-5.00pm
Miss HanksGirls RugbyAll YearsMonday3.20-5.00pm
Miss EglinOrchestraAll YearsThursday3.30- 4.30pm
Mr WhybroYear 9 boys -RugbyYear 9Thursday3.20- 4.45pm
Mr WhybroAthleticsAll YearsThursday1.10-1.50pm
Mr MedhurstFootball year 11 BoysYear 11Thursday1.10-1.50pm
Miss PalmerYear 7 NetballYear 7Thursday3.30- 4.15pm
Miss PalmerYear 8 and 9 NetballYear 8 and 9Thursday4.15-5.00pm
Mr JonesFitness FeverYear 8.9 and 10Thursday3.20-4.30pm
Mrs JordanKS4 Drama ClubYear 9, 10 and 11Tuesday3.30-4.30pm
Miss EglinChoirAll YearsTuesday3.30-4.30pm
Miss BillingtonKS3 Art ClubYear 7 and 8Tuesday1.10-1.50pm
Mr AhmedCode Club (KS4)Year 9, 10 and 11Tuesday3.30-4.30pm
Mr RodgersBasket Ball Year 7 and 8Year 7 and 8Tuesday1.10-1.50pm
Mr BentleyFootball year 9Year 9Tuesday1.10-1.50pm
Mr WhybroYear 9 and 10 BadmintonYear 9 and 10Tuesday3.30-4.15pm
Mr WhybroYear 11 BadmintonYear 11Tuesday4.15-5.00pm
Miss JonesGirls FootballAll YearsTuesday3.20-4.45pm
Mr MedhurstYear 8 RugbyYear 8Tuesday3.20-4.45pm
Mr JonesYear 10 RugbyYear 10Tuesday3.20-4.45pm
Mr ArthurFitness FeverYear 9 and 11Tuesday3.30-4.15pm
Miss SpreadburyStudy SpaceYear 7Tuesday and Thursday1.10-1.50pm
Mr AhmedCode Club (KS3)Year 7 and 8Wedensday3.30-4.30pm
Mrs JordanKS3 Drama ClubYear 7 and 8Wednesday3.30-4.30pm
Miss EglinSoul BandAll YearsWednesday3.30-4.30pm
Mr JonesFitness FeverYear 8,9, 10 and 11Wednesday3.30-4.30pm
Mr WhybroBadminton Year10 and 11Year 10 and 11Wednesday1.10-1.50pm
Mr MillerYear 8 Football BoysYear 8 and 9Wednesday1.10-1.50pm
Mr MillerBasketball Year 10 and 11Year 10 and 11Wednesday3.20-4.45pm
Miss PalmerTable TennisYear 7 and 8Wednesday3.20-4.15pm
Miss PalmerTable TennisYear 9,10 and 11Wednesday4.15-5.00pm
Mr WhybroHockey - All yearsAll YearsWednesday3.20-4.45pm
Mr ArthurRugby Year 11 BoysYear 11Wednesday3.20-4.45pm
Mrs AhluwaliaSTEMYear 7 and 8Tuesday3:20 -4:00pm
Ms BrownDungeons and DragonsAll Years Wednesday3:30 – 4:30pm
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