"The entire experience of the South Africa Tour was one that I will never forget, full of incredible opportunities and experiences from both a cultural and sporting perspective. The 14 days we spent together were some of the best of my life, from playing rugby against the top schools of South Africa to spotting penguins in Cape Town."

South Africa Tour

Every two years Year 11 and Year 10 students have the opportunity to participate in the Perins Sports Tour of South Africa. This exciting venture is the end product of two years of training and fundraising for both students and teachers and will create lifelong memories for all.

South Africa is chosen as the country for the tour for several reasons: the vibrancy and enthusiasm of the country’s people appeals, as does its cultural diversity; the students get the opportunity to compete against different schools and colleges while traveling around the country; in addition, the students have the opportunity to interact with the people of South Africa by running sport specific workshops in the Townships. When the students are not competing they have plenty of time to experience the beauty of South Africa, including having the opportunity to try out surfing!

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