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Information for Candidates

GCSE Results – Summer 2023
Once exam results have been validated by the DFE we will post information about our whole school results (usually beginning of February). The unofficial results currently indicate that Perins School has performed above both National and Hampshire averages in all core subjects.

The Summer 2023 exam results were available to students on Thursday 24th August between 9.00am and 10.30am from the Café at Perins School and were then emailed out to their school email address. They are also available in your Arbor account.   

Summer 2023 Examination Timetable
The timetable below provides an overview of the Summer 2023 exam season for subjects studied at Perins School. Once entries have been confirmed, candidates will receive their timetables, showing each exam they are entered for, a start time, an end time, and a venue.

Download the Summer 2023 Examination Timetable 

Study Provision and Leave for Year 11 
Please view details below concerning the support of our Year 11 students, with regards to their study provision and leave. Ensuring they have access to their specialist teachers until each exam, in a subject, has been completed:

Information for parents/carers
Information for students  

Exam Clashes
Unfortunately, each year, there are some instances where a candidate has two different exam papers timetable for the same morning or afternoon session. Where this occurs, candidates will complete both exam papers scheduled for the session. Once the first exam paper has been completed, candidates will be given a short, supervised rest break, before completing the second scheduled exam paper. 

In line with JCQ regulations, this must be conducted within the examination room and under formal examination conditions at all times. Candidates cannot use this time to revise. Where clashes occur in the afternoon session, the end time of the second exam paper will be later for some candidates. As a result, candidates will need to ensure they have arranged appropriate transport from school on these days.



Instructions for Candidates video 

Before the GCSE exams begin, you must read all of the relevant documents below. They are published by the Joint Council on Qualifications (JCQ) which are the body in overall charge of exams in England

These documents tell you about some things that you must and must not do when you are completing your work.

 If there is anything that you can’t read or do not understand, you must ask your teacher or tutor

Information for candidates – written exams 2022-2023 – from JCQ for all students 

Exams briefing for Candidates and Parents 2023 

Year 11 GCSE Exams Assembly  

Additional Information 

Non-examination assessments – applies to all GCSE courses where there is a non-examination element. Examples are Art, Dance, Drama, Music & Design Technology.

Coursework Assessments – applies to students taking Child Development, iMedia, Music Technology, and Sport Studies

On-Screen Tests – not currently relevant but included for information

Data Protection Form – personal data consent from examination candidate. Agreement for sharing data with JCQ regarding access arrangements

Privacy Notice – what happens to your data

JCQ have also produced some useful guides: