Perins Residential Trips

Learning beyond the classroom.

Perins School recognises the value of extending learning beyond the classroom by offering students the opportunity to create lifelong friendships and memories through an exciting range of residential trips.

These opportunities would not be possible without the commitment of staff who give up much of their free time to organise and run trips both in the UK and abroad.

To help families plan, we have developed a summary of our trips for the next 5 years, please view it below. These trips may be subject to change depending on staff availability, student interest and the ever-changing financial challenges we face.

5 Year Summary Document

Trips are a reward and as such need to be earned. Selection for trips will be based on several factors including behaviour, attendance and a student’s attitude to learning. 

Upcoming Trips Include:

Osmington Bay – Year 8 – Friday 5th July – Sunday 7th July 2024

South Africa (P.E)– Year 10 & 11 – 2025

Costa Rica – Year 10 & 11 – 2025

Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance is included for all trips under the school’s membership of the Risk Protection Arrangement. The school would recommend that parents arrange separate cover if the limits under the RPA do not meet their requirements.

If you would like more information, please email

TripAnticipated date and costNumber of Days2023-242024-252025-262026-272027-28
PE Manchester City FC (invitation only)Easter (Second Weekend)2
Year Group Y7Y7Y7Y7Y7
Approx. Cost£350
Osmington BayJuly (First Weekend)3
Year Group Y8Y8Y8Y8Y8
Approx. Cost£200
GCSE History Battlefields February (First Weekend )3
Year Group Y9Y9Y9Y9Y9
Approx. Cost£400
GCSE Geography (Eden Project, Cornwall)May Half Term 3
Year Group Y9 & 10Y9 & 10Y9 & 10Y9 & 10
Approx. Cost£350
Costa RicaOctober Half Term11
Year Group Y10 & 11Y10 & 11Y10 & 11
Approx. Cost£2,500
Ski Trip (Europe)Easter Half Term (First Week)7
Year Group Y10 & 11Y9 & 10Y9 & 10Y9 & 10Y9 & 10
Approx. Cost£1,200
GCSE Geography (Europe)October Half Term (First Week)5
Year Group N/AY10Y10Y10Y10
Approx. Cost£825
GCSE French (Paris)Summer Holiday (First Week)5
Year Group Y10Y10Y10Y10Y10
Approx. Cost£650
GCSE Spanish (Barcelona)May Half Term5
Year Group Y10Y10Y10Y10Y10
Approx. Cost£700
PE South Africa (invitation only)Summer Holiday (First Week)11
Year Group Y10 & 11Y10 & 11
Approx. Cost£2,900

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