Curriculum Overview

Excellence for all - Our innovative Curriculum

The Perins curriculum is designed to allow a two year process for KS3 (years 7 and 8) and three years for Key stage 4 (years 9, 10 and 11).   

During year 7 and 8 students study a wide assortment of subjects required by the National Curriculum, with a focus on English and Maths. We offer additional ‘Enrichment lessons’ which are designed to prepare students for key stage 4 and further life long study, encouraging students to develop skills such as reflection, critical thinking, leadership and effective team working.  

Students’ life studies lessons will also help in creating fully functional members of society, able to make difficult decisions and understands the consequences of their actions.  

The enrichment programme allows us to meet the needs of our students at Perins in developing them holistically and providing learning in areas not included within the National Curriculum. Often these themes are specific to the students at Perins, as well as invaluable in providing qualities that will be essential to each child long after he or she has left Perins, either as preparation for further study or to help them along their career path. 

At Perins, each student is treated as an individual, representing the diverse community we all share.  From curriculum adjustments, pastoral support, to extra-curricular opportunities, we aim to cater for the varied needs of the young people in our care.  Further information can be found via the Perins Equality Statement & Objectives and the Perins Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Policy.

To find out more on curriculum delivery for KS3 and KS4 and information on our Enrichment suites, view our Curriculum brochure and maps below. 

Aims and Principles

At Perins  we take great pride in developing individual students in all aspects. Our motto, ‘In omnia Excellentia’ is underpinned by our curriculum, which enables our staff to deliver the best possible education for our students. We firmly believe that in taking a holistic approach to education, we provide a framework for our young people to continue to develop throughout their life. The experiences inside and out of lessons are key in ensuring that we achieve this. 

  • Provides enjoyment, a love of learning and boosts self esteem – to motivate students to learn in a safe yet challenging environment
  • Enriches individuals through a broad and balanced, all inclusive approach to learning enabling students to grow as confident life long learners . All students follow the national curriculum subjects at KS3, including RE and PSHE alongside our Perins specific curriculum innovations and our enrichment programme. These programmes enable our students to develop as rounded citizens through the totality of their educational experience.
  • Rehearsal, revision and reformulation –Through engaging inputs and effective teaching, information that it is stored in the short term memory during lessons is revisited in future lessons within the topic.
  • Inspires and raises aspirations –The Perins approach is that we enable students to achieve their full potential and therefore ensure that students have the knowledge and skills to make progress towards their aspirations.
  • Nurture – We are proud of our inclusive ethos, where every individual is valued and respected. Our pastoral system supports our students through the challenges of growing up in the modern ever-changing world. Classes across the curriculum, and specifically in PSHE, Citizenship and Perins Values reinforce our ethos, and help to build confident worldwide young people.
  • Student focussed – All that we do is aimed to support and develop our students through their time at Perins. Enrichment lessons in Years 7 and 8 help to instil the Perins ethos, and build the transferable skills needed for success in Key Stage 4 and beyond. Options choices are made at the end of Year 8, selecting 6 subjects to study in addition to their core studies.
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