Laptop Scheme

We are very proud of our pioneering laptop scheme. All students are given the opportunity to use a school laptop for their time at Perins for use in school and at home.  The scheme relies on the commitment and donations of our parents to ensure we can deliver this outstanding opportunity to our students.

 Benefits of E-learning 

  • The use of computers in schools is known to promote independent learning which the students find empowering and our excellent academic results demonstrate its effect.
  • Increased engagement and interest for students to learn interactively
  • More effective diagnostic testing for students and staff; electronic tests with immediate feedback
  • Online student collaboration, modelling and peer assessment to improve grades
  • Ease of sharing work and learning from each other
  • Regular and frequent exposure to relevant technology in all subject areas, as opposed to once a week in an IT suite

We believe in integrating digital learning, with technology as a complementary piece of equipment in a student’s “pencil case” which supports and develops different skills, alongside the more traditional approaches of reading, writing, drafting, spelling and drawing traditionally practised in schools.

September 2021 Laptop Scheme 

We are pleased to introduce our 2021 laptop scheme starting in September.  We look forward to your support as the scheme goes from strength to strength. Perins School offers all students the opportunity of joining our Laptop Scheme.  There is an initial 3 year scheme starting in Year 7, with the opportunity of renewing (and receiving a new laptop) for Years 10 and 11. 

3 Year Laptop Scheme
2 Year Laptop Scheme

Moving forward into Year 10 there are 2 options for laptop use at school:

  • To continue to participate in the laptop scheme and receive a new laptop for September 2021. 
  • To use the existing scheme laptop with no warranty or insurance cover.

As the insurance and warranty are due to expire on the current scheme devices, we highly recommend taking advantage of signing up to the new scheme and receiving a new laptop for the remaining 2 years of your child’s education at Perins. Please take time to read ‘Laptop Use in Years 10 & 11’ and the 2021 Laptop Scheme Information and Frequently Asked Questions sheet:

Freedom Tech Portal  

Click here to access the Freedom Tech Portal

Email: Please enter your own email address 

Username: Perins2136

Password: S3cure02! (zero two at the end, it is case sensitive and please include the !)

Please ensure you click the final confirm button after the direct debit details are displayed. The portal is not complete until you have been issued with a DD reference number.  You will then receive a confirmation email from tech4learners@freedomtech.

To complete the portal for another child in different year group, you will need to return to the login screen to enter the appropriate Username for that scheme.

In order to receive and prepare the laptops in time for the start of the new academic year, we will be placing our final order w/c 31 May 2021.

Key information:

  • Response form to be completed for all students.
  • 2 step process to sign-up – Response Form and Freedom Tech portal.
  • The donations for this scheme will be collected for 36 months from 25 August 2021.
  • The final donation will be collected 25 July 2024
  • If you are a UK taxpayer your donations are eligible for Gift Aid, so please complete the Gift Aid declaration on the Response Form and the portal direct debit mandate in the same name.
  • Please note that home devices cannot be used at school.
  • For any problems accessing the portal, please contact: Freedom Tech on 0203 857 5630 or
  • For all other queries please contact Caroline Cleaver 01962 737232 or email

‘We are very grateful for the wonderful, creative experiences they have had, which have given them confidence to believe in themselves and go on to have great ambitions for their future.’