2 Year Laptop Scheme

(for students moving into Year 10 in September)

2 Year Laptop Scheme

Moving forward, for those student moving into Year 10 in September, there are 2 options for laptop use at school:

  • To continue to participate in the laptop scheme and receive a new ASUS laptop for September 2023 
  • To use the existing scheme laptop with no warranty or insurance cover

As the insurance and warranty are due to expire on the current scheme devices (and availability of spare parts no longer guaranteed), we highly recommend taking advantage of signing up for the new scheme and receiving a new laptop for the remaining 2 years of your child’s education at Perins.

Please note that chargers and home devices cannot be used at school. Laptops must be fully charged before bringing to school. 

Please ensure you read this 2023 Laptop Scheme Information. This information sheet gives full details of this year’s scheme and how our Perins Laptop Scheme operates overall.

This ONLINE RESPONSE FORM needs to be completed for all students by 19th May 2023.  There is an option to request a call/email back on the form if you have any questions.

Key Information:

  • 2-step process to sign-up – the Perins Response Form and Freedom Tech portal

  • Perins Response Form to be completed for all Year 9 students by 19th May 2023.
    This form lets us know you’ve received this information and your decision. There is an option to request a call/email back on the form if you have any questions. There is also information about keeping the old scheme device on this form.

  • Please login to the Freedom Tech portal using these details:

    Website: https://www.tech4learners.co.uk
    Email: Your personal email address
    Username: perinsy1020
    Password: S3cure02! (that’s zero-two and it’s case-sensitive)

    Please ensure you click on the final ‘confirm’ button at the end of the process. You should then receive a confirmation email from Freedom Tech.

  • The Freedom Tech order portal will be open 26th April 23 to 26th May 23 only.

  • The donations for this scheme will be collected for a fixed term of 21 months from 25th August 23. The final donation will be collected on 25th April 25.

  • If you are a UK taxpayer your donations are eligible for Gift Aid. Please complete the Gift Aid declaration on the Response Form and the portal direct debit mandate in the same name.

  • If you are signing up for both the new Year 7 and Year 10 schemes for your children, please ensure you complete the correct order portal for each child.

    NB: In order to receive and prepare the laptops in time for the start of the new academic year, we will be placing our final order w/c 29 May 2023. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee your child will receive a laptop in September if the portal is not completed by this date.


    For all queries please contact Caroline Cleaver 01962 737232 or email notebook@perins.hants.sch.uk

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