Year 7 Setting in Maths

At this time of year the Maths department set the Year 7 maths classes in order to allow teachers to better tailor lessons to the needs of individuals.    To do this we use a range of data such as: the progress shown from the baseline test to the most recent assessment; learning checks; classwork; homework and verbal demonstration of understanding in class. 

After Christmas your child will be in their new maths set and most likely with a new teacher.   We would like to reiterate that all Year 7 students follow the same scheme of work and so will all be covering the same content. We have sets to allow us to accommodate the different learning styles and learning paces of our students.   The set that your child is placed in now is not fixed; we are constantly assessing individual progress and students will often move between Maths sets according to their current learning needs.  Please ensure that your child checks their timetable at the start of next term to see where their new maths lessons will be.